Social Responsibility


Fulfilling environmental protection responsibilities and promoting the harmonious development of man and nature are important components of EverFlourish's sustainable development plan. Over the years, we have introduced energy-saving equipment, reduced environmental load through energy-saving products, improved product energy-saving and environmentally friendly technology, and reduced production energy consumption.

Fact & figure of our commitments

  • 20,000

    of solar panels producing 3,800 kW
  • 70% self sufficient

    thanks to our solar panels on our plant
  • 8.5 million RMB

    fund raised from 2014 to 2024
  • Donated

    2 schools and 1 football stadium
  • 1.265 million

    FSC cladding materials were used
  • 100% recycled and recyclable

    cardboard packaging


EverFlourish uses recycled plastic materials extensively in product development. For example, the classic line socket range s is made of 30% recycled plastic. We have been committed to reduce plastic consumption, engaging in recycled economy, and promoting the green, recycled and sustainable development of the recycled plastic industry.


Environmental-friendly packaging helps promote sustainable development. EverFlorish guides customers to use minimalist packaging, promotes and supports recyclable and biodegradable materials, which reduces environmental damage to environment during packaging and sales. At the same time, it also conforms to the growing environmental awareness of consumers.


In 2024, EverFlourish will inaugurate its brand new production plant. In a responsible approach to energy saving, 20,000 m2 of solar panels to be installed on the rooftop, producing 3,800 kW of electricity, which represent around 70 % of the total industrial park’s consumption.
This new site will focus on automated production lines with digitization system, to enhance efficiency.


We believe corporate social responsibility is essential and important! EverFlourish has been initiating a number of charity projects in domestic china and overseas countries.
• Donated a football field at an Cambodia orphanage
• Nursed home for elderly in Ningbo
• Supported Community Centre in Ningbo
• Donated to underprivileged children in Guizhou
• Donated to Wenchuan Earthquake Relief in Sichuan
• Donated Schools for underprivileged village children in Guizhou province