At EverFlourish we take Quality and Safety very seriously. We ensure consistent safety and quality through strong governance
and compliance to applicable regulations and standard. We improve Safety, Quality and Product together.    

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    Quality Management

    With an established culture of excellence, EverFlourish strives to provide the highest level of manufacturing services by maintaining a robust quality management system. All our production workers are required to receive no less than 40 hours of quality control training every year.

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    Our laboratory, which was built in 1998 and is certified by ITS  and CSA for Testing Site Acceptance, plays an important role in keeping the highest safety standards for our employees and our customers.

    EverFlourish meets the requirements of many industry safety tests including VDE, GS, NF, Semko, GS,  UL and CSA.

    Our 800-square meter laboratory provides various testing apparatus that we need, including water proof machine, dust chamber, switch operation tester, temperature rising meters and metal/material elemental analysis (ROHS).

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